Monday, April 2, 2012

Malbec World Day April 17th

  April 17th is the second World Malbec Day.  Here is an opportunity to bring your friends together and explore the wide range of quality Malbec made in Argentina.  Argentina boasts more than 50,000 acres of Malbec with 60% more than 25 years of age.  The real deal here is that the climate is so perfect for the growth of this wonderful user friendly grape.  I will gather with a group of friends and we will taste and share 8 different Malbecs.  This is not an expensive event for you to hold.  The majority of Argentine Malbecs sell for between $12-$18 a bottle.  Most serious publications rate a collection of various producers anywhere from 85-90 points, which means the vast majority of wine imported is above average.  

 Argentina can produce world class wine because of a number of benefits and we the consumer benefit.  Other than a rare hail storm the weather is warm and dry and the evenings are temperate  to cool.  Grapes retain their acidity and do not raisin.  Labor is inexpensive and the quality of work in the field and cellars his very high.  Foreign investment over the past decade has improved the quality of wine production and enhanced exportation.  It can be said that Argentine Malbec is superior to most others produced in the world and at a lower price.  

Join in on the celebration April 17th and gather some friends to taste what is the hottest selling foreign wine in the world.  As mentioned above the cost is more than fair and the experience will make believers out of those who take part.  Here is a list of producers quite often found in wine shops and stores:  Alamos, Luca*, La Posta*, Catena Zapata*, Tapiz/Zolo*, Kirkland, Altocedro*, Llama Old Vine*, Arhaval-Ferrer*, Clos de Los Siete, Vina Cobos, Dona Paula, Bodega Norton, Lamadrid*, Melipal*, Crios de Susana Bilbo, Salentine, Pascual Toso, Tempus Alba* and Tikal.

Wines with * are in my opinion well above average for their price range. 

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