Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wines Til Sold Out WTSO

I have seen many internet sites  which advertise and attempt to sell wine from many sources.  As you on the internet have seen there are emails from: wineries, retail stores, auction houses, grocery outlets, discount stores, magazines and other print media.   I will admit there are some that are better than others: Ridge with their releases and videos, Wine Spectator with their informational videos from producers around the world and other sites which try to lure with with big name producers and SALE WINES.

I have been following WTSO which originates from New Jersey. I also found out that their shipping does not come from New Jersey entirely.  When they agree to take a lot of wine it is shipped from the  storeage facility or winery They will offer short term deals on a specific wines  at what they advertise as a steep discount.

 What makes this site attractive is they post wines from around the world and they fall into a particular regiment.  No sale of wine will exceed $100 and they are sold without tax and include free shipping.  All wines are sold as either 2,3 or 4 bottle purchases. This makes it easy to sell a case of wine with only three, four or six people buying.  They have a huge customer data  base and appear to sell all their wines in short order.

The customer must have some knowledge of the producer and year in order to make an informed purchase.   You are also buying the wine without tasting it.  I have been told that customers who have had corked or spoiled wine have had their wines  credited to their account. This is a major customer advantage.  Wineries or wholesalers who sell on WTSO must show that the customer is getting a true discount from the original retail price. I always either check out the website of the winery or, to see what the current retail value is..

WTSO is a front runner in the world of internet wine sales.  Like me if you wait long enough there will be a wine which makes you want to buy.  You decide if it is within your needs as a wine and in your pocket book.   Good hunting.

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