Monday, August 27, 2012

August 30th Cabernet Day !!

August 30th is Cabernet Day !  This is an opportunity to join with wine friends and explore the world of Cabernet.  There are many roads you can travel to enjoy this day.  I would recommend that you set a few rules and then see what your results give you in the way of new wines to experience and recommend. Here are a few ways of making the most of Cabernet Day.

* choose  a price point for the wines to be tasted.  $20 or less or whatever your group is confortable with.

* Growing region.  This is huge because in California alone you have  excellent vineyard sites up and down the state.  Napa- Rutherford, Calistoga, Mt. Veeder and Spring Mountain.  Sonoma- Dry Creek, Alexander Valley and Geyserville to name a few. 

* Foreign Cabernets. Chile, Argentina, France, Spain, Italy and the list goes on..

* Blind taste and rate the wines. This takes away the bias some people may have toward a label or place of origin.

Our group has focused on South American Cabernets as they offer a very high ratio of quality to dollar.  With increased capital from American and European growers and vintners the quality of wine has gained many fold in the past 15 years.  Our group will taste and rate 6/8 wines and I will publish our results.  This event is a great learning tool and also fun to take part in.  

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