Saturday, November 3, 2012


This past summer I attended the Pacific Wine Company (PWC) reunion. This was a gathering of friends and former employees of one of the most unique wine shops in San Francisco from the late 1970's to the early 1990's.  The reunion was set up by propietor Mike Lynch and Steve Kopp. Mike is the creative force behind Big Bang Productions, an advertising business.  Steve Kopp is the owner of Tamalpais Wine Co. The invited guests provided wine from their business or cellars to share during dinner. They will be listed at the end of this post.

It has been 15 years since the store closed its doors but the legacy still lives on with the unique bi-monthly news letters which featured the art work of Bob Johnson.  Bob continues to produce art work with wine themes as well as label work for up and coming wineries. His studio in Healdsburg is a must visit destination on the square for any wine lover.  The senior member of the PWC family is John Farnsworth (79) who reminds us of his long history and active participation in wine. His British humor and demeanor were a great asset to a wine shop full of  high energy youngsters. Rene Rondeau was the buyer/manager of Esquin Imports which imported great European wines for decades. Bill Mayer is now an importer of German and Austrian wines as well as an accomplished poet. Morgan Miller runs Odd Lots in Berkeley and has years of retail experience. Randy Yazzolino has been an importer for more than 20 years of fine European wines.

The end result of having all these people together was a great evening of banter and wine stories. Here are a list of some of the wines tasted during the evening.
2002 Wehlener Sonneuhur  Kabinett---fantastic
1985 Volnay Pothier-Rieusset --- Very good
1988 Gevrey Chambertin  D. Rion-- good
1998 Ravenswood Monte Rosso Zinfandel--- Excellent
1970 Ducru Beaucaillou   -- very good
2001 Chimney Rock Reserve Cabernet ---- excellent
1993 Pousse d'Or  Bousse d'Or  --- very good

Not mentioned were many other German and Austrian wines of very high quality as well as some Champagne.   There should be another reunion and another story to tell.  In the mean time check out the Bob Johnson located at 314 Center St #209 Healdsburg, Cal.  (707) 529-3755.  Having friends who love wine and are in the trade makes for a most interesting evening of food and wine.
P.S.  I just bought a case of the 2002 Wehlener and it is just great German Riesling...

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