Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ZAP Tasting Feb. 2, 2013 Many winners!!

Just returned from the annual Zinfandel Advocate Producers Tasting in San Francisco.  I focused on established wineries who have a record of solid wines.  Since this was an opportunity to taste single vineyards I looked for Monte Rosso and Rockpile vineyard wines.  I was not let down.  All of the Monte Rosso wines were of outstanding quality with rich high toned fruit flavors and long pleasant finishes.  As a rule they tended to be higher in alcohol 15+% but were so well balanced that it was not an issue with respect to flavors or finish. 

Wineries of high quality Monte Rosso are: Rancho Zabaco, Louis  Martini, Rosenblum,  T-Vine,   Carlisle, Robert Biale and Sbragia wines. 

The Rockpile designates were from multiple owners of land on Rockpile. These wines had the typical color and extract which this vineyard is known for.  Mauritson, Bedrock, Rosenblum and Carol Shelton made stellar wines which all merit high scores and will deliver top flight flavors.

The wineries which follow are all quality producers who sell their product for what is less than the market as a whole does. How can they do this?  Many own the land and sell much of their fruit and keep only what they want to produce under their label, others have a lower cost of doing business and pass that along to their clients. 
Wineries which produce Zinfandel at reasonable prices and high levels of quality are:
Dry Creek
Sobon Estate
Steele Wines
Brazin Cellars
Ancient Peaks 

    These are all Zinfandels of high quality.  If you have the money the Rockpile and Monte Rosso are so much better wines than your typical "Old Vine" Zinfandel from most wineries. 
My advise is to sit back pour a glass of full flavored Zinfandel and let the wine do the talking.  Enjoy one of the great wines of California.

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